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Hairdressing Scissors

Different Types of Hairdressing Scissors

New hairdressers who are looking to learn the art of hairdressing, it may be a difficult experience of finding out which professional hairdressing scissors you’ll need to buy. With so many scissors in the marketplace, you’re getting confused with lots of alternatives to hairdressing scissors.

Through decades of experience and knowledge of the hairdressing industry, here we are trying to tell you about the type of hairdressing scissors are required for a hairdresser.


Hairdressing Scissors

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While choosing which professional hairdressing scissors to buy, it’s important to consider the length of the blades.

Short-bladed slicing scissors can be effortlessly used by hairdressers with smaller fingers as they are light-weight and better control, as a result, reducing hand fatigue.

 Any cutters with 4 to 5. 5-inch blades are great for the maximum hairstyle. These 2018 Matsui matte black Richie mountain offset scissors are best five.

5-inches, which makes them the correct tool for women’s haircutting techniques which includes cutting and detailing haircuts.


Barbering techniques, which include scissors over the comb, require the scissor to cover an extra surface place of hair to cut all of it off with one snip.

The long blades on a scissor will ensure that the cutting line is even and now not crooked. Barbering scissors which might be around 6 to 7-inches for blunt-cutting that require straight cutting lines.

Hairdressing Scissors | Best Barber Shears

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Hairdressing Scissors

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Thinner scissors that can be made with a small range of teeth are a must-have for a hairdresser. These types of thinner scissors are designed to thin out the hair.

The small number of thinner scissors provides a higher percentage of hair this is cutting with each snip. This could let you keep time and effort while you’re managing customers who have thick or coarse hair.


Hairdressing Scissors

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Sometimes when hairdresser cut hair with a normal pair of slicing scissors, it is simple to go overboard and end up cutting more than the customer’s requirement.

To save hairdresser from this happening. The huge number of a tooth at the texturizing scissors will thin out hair slowly without taking off an excessive amount of without delay. This could offer higher manage and precision for you while you’re texturizing quality hair.


Hairdressing Scissors | Barber Scissors

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Long hours in the salon can put more pressure on the hairdresser’s wrist and finger. Including swivel scissors in your collection can be a tremendous method to relieve pain from your precious fingers.

Regular hairdressing scissors lure your thumb in one single position, and it can emerge as painful after awhile. Swivel scissors are designed with a rotating thumb ring, which offers flexibility while managing and controlling them. Also, they accommodate your natural hand actions thanks to the swivelling thumb ring.

This may lessen pain and offer extra comfort to your hairdressing experience.

How often will your hairdressing scissors need sharpening?

It is very important to maintain your hairdressing scissors. when shears end up dull they could tear the hair instead of cutting it, resulting in an uneven cut that could cause greater harm than good, that’s of course not correct for your reputation.

How frequently you need to sharpen your hairdressing scissors relies upon on how much they are being used, what form of cutting you do, how you appearance after them, and what kind of blade you are using. In essence, all hairdressing scissors must be serviced at least every 12 months, but consider who sharpens your hairdressing scissors.

You need special training and special equipment to sharpen convex blades. It’s also being aware that your scissors must be well maintained by cleaning and oiling them regularly as well as making sure they’re tensioned correctly. Read some interesting facts on Professional Celebrity hairdresser tips.

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